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Author Guidelines

Hepatology Communications authors are encouraged to follow the journal's Author Guidelines.

Article Publication Charges

The Article Publication Charge for Hepatology Communications is $1,500 for AASLD members and $2,500 for non-members.

Waivers and Discounts

Additional waivers and discounts are offered to Hepatology Communications authors in developing countries.

Institution Open Access Accounts

Visit Wiley's Author Services to see if your institution may have pre-paid your open access fees. 

Wiley Editing Service

Wiley can assist Hepatology Communications authors with English language editing, translations, figure preparation and more.

Video Abstracts

Authors can create video abstracts for their articles through Wiley’s partnership with Research Square. Authors are also welcome to create and submit their own videos.

Licensing and Copyright

Hepatology Communications authors are required to sign a Creative Commons license for publishing in a fully open-access journal.